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Statement of the Business Process

If you think a transaction that appears on your statement/ online transaction history is an error, possible fraud or have had a lost or card stolen and notices transactions you did not make, you have the right to dispute the transaction within a timely manner (up to 120 days from the transaction date in dispute). This is accomplished by completing a “Transaction Dispute” form. Once a dispute form is received, FIS Dispute Services will open a case and begin the process to make every attempt allowed within IRS regulation E process to credit consumer back for disputed charges. FIS Dispute processing cannot investigate into why the fraudulent activity occurred and does not have access to any information releated to who made the fraudulent changes or were they were initiated from.

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Additional Information

• In cases of unauthorized or fraudulent activity, the card must be blocked/replaced and listed on the exception file in order to continue with dispute processing • The consumer is responsible for monitoring transaction claim activity on their account. • There is a $10.00 chargeback minimum • Dispute services Fax number is (800) 253-1220